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Ahh Paris!

2007 began as an ordianry year but by the close had morphed into a very special time.  In the spring I was contacted by my gallery in Boca Raton, the Karen Lynne Gallery, and informed that I had been selected as one of twelve artists to be  part of Délégation Des États-Unis D’Amérque (the American Delegation) to exhibit at the Salon De La Société Nationale Des Beaux-Arts.  This national exhibition started in the 1860’s and was known as the Paris Salon.  To my knowledge, 2007 was the first time there had been an American delegation represented.

The exhibition was to be held at the Louvre or more exactly the Carrousel Du Louvre.  If you have been to the Louvre in recent years or have seen pictures of it you know the center courtyard is dominated by a glass pyramid, which is an entrance to the complex.  Directly below the pyramid is the Carrousel Du Louvre.  It is a labyrinth of hallways containing retail space and restaurants and a very large series of exhibition halls.  The Salon De La Société Nationale Des Beaux-Arts was held in several of the exhibition halls.

Well, you can imagine that Jeanette and I were excited at the prospect of Paris and the exhibition.  The event date was to be held the second week in December.  We made our arrangements, reservations to board the dogs, contacted friends and relatives we might meet over there and generally focused on the upcoming trip.

The Mishap

Just before Thanksgiving I had a sleep walking incident.  Jeanette will tell you this happens a lot.  But this one was different.  In my sleep I decided to make myself a large bowl of Cream of Mushroom soup.  I’ve never cooked in my sleep before.

I made this piping hot bowl of soup and carried it over to my easy chair in front of the television and . . . spilled the bowl in my lap.  ZOWIE!!!!.  Boy did that smart!  I ripped my slacks off as quickly as I could.  Fortunately I had them on or else the damage would have been too much.  As it was I had bad burns down both legs from the top of my thighs to my knees.

In the morning I had large blisters down the inside of both legs.  It didn’t hurt much but it made walking awkward.  As it was, I was scheduled to attend a bridge lesson that morning, which I did, moving gingerly.  The group was largely women, many elderly.  Mid morning at break I got up to get a cookie and some coffee and the seat of my chair and my pants were soaked.  The blisters had ruptured.  Now you know that none of the ladies believed my explanation that blisters had broken.

But that is an aside.  The important point is that as we made our way to Paris I had two serious weeping wounds on my legs.  Each day I would treat them with a salve and cover them with gauze and tape.  Walking was not fun.

We were met in Paris by friends from Colorado and California and by Jeanette’s cousin Peter Poggi and his wife, Sandi, and their two children Tatiana and Pax.  In addition to the Salon we spent our time in restaurants, museums and strolling the avenues.  One of the women commented to another that I did not seem  much fun.  It was the bow legged walking  and my glazed smile that was a tip-off.

Exhibition crowd

The exhibition was hugely attended.  The first night it was difficult to move about.  Thousands of people.  The work of mine exhibited was my painting Lifeguard.  Subsequent to the exhibition it sold  and interestingly it appeared in an article in the December 2010 issue of Architectural Digest.



These events created much interest in the painting.  Many people contacted me about it.  I had to tell them it was sold.  Finally it occurred to me to create a work with a similar feel and I created Keep Back  15 ft.  It has also been purchased.

Keep Back 15 Ft

Keep Back 15 Ft

So now I have the third in the lifeguard series, lifeguard on Duty.  As I write this it is still available.

Lifeguard on Duty

Lifeguard on Duty

Following are other examples of my beach series.  These have been well received and the original Lifeguard shown in Paris was one of the first.


Original Paintings Available

Beach Time

Beach Time

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Summer's Day

Summer’s Day

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Click to see


Click to see

More to come

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