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Lancer and Kiko

Dogs, my dogs, other people’s dogs, big dogs and small dogs they all have been an important part of living.  I’ll tell you about the two we have now, Lancer and Kiko.

In my earlier life, my then wife and I  were preparing to move into a condominium.  It was the first time in years that no pets were in the household.  We were staying in a garage apartment of a friend while the condominium was being renovated.  One week we took a weekend trip up to Atlanta to visit her son and while we were there she decided I needed a dog.

shiba inu puppy

shiba inu puppy

That is how Kiko came into my life.  The condominium allowed small dogs, dogs not more than 20 pounds.  My wife came across this cute female Shiba Inu,  a Japanese hunting dog.   The fact sheet said males got to be about 24 pounds and females about 19 pounds.  So that worked.  At the time I was not keen on getting the puppy because we were in the garage apartment.  But, we went ahead anyway, full steam ahead.

As an aside, Kiko grew to weight about 29 pounds.

What shall we name her?”, my wife asked. “It should sound Japanese.”
“How about Hey You?”, I replied.

That wasn’t acceptable.

At the time I was looking in our pantry at a bottle of  Soy sauce.

“How about Kiko?”

That worked.

The apartment had the kitchen-living space on the ground floor and the bedroom above.  The first night we left Kiko in the kitchen in a cage.  When we went up to bed she cried, whined and whimpered.  There was no way to sleep with that.  Finally, I brought her upstairs but I was afraid to leave her on the floor fearing she might pee or mess.  So, I put her on the foot of my bed.  It was too high for her to jump off and I didn’t think she would mess in her bed.  That worked well.  But it taught her a lesson.  She learned she sleeps on the bed.  She still does, ten years later.

Being in the apartment and later in the condominium she learned a second lesson, i.e. my job is to take her on a walk twice a day.  Later when Jeanette and I built our present house we had a dog-door built into the wall.  She goes freely in and out but she will not pee or mess in her yard.  I still have to walk her twice a day.

When Jeanette and I began to date I met Lancer.  He is a cute little guy, a Norfolk Terrier. He used to be Jeanette’s dog, but I think he has crossed over.  I’m not 100 per cent certain because she bribes him with “cookies” all the time.  Here he is the first time I met him.

Before we married, Jeanette lived in Bethesda, Maryland and I was in West  Palm Beach, Florida.  We had this sort of long distance courtship.  And, of course the dogs were part of the process.

Kiko visiting

Kiko visiting

One long weekend I drove up with Kiko to introduce her to Lancer  and on another Jeanette drove down with Lancer.

Lancer age 1

Lancer age 1

When we decided to get together I went to the condominium management and informed them that Jeanette would be living in my unit.

 The manager said, “Well we have a problem.”
“What’s that?”
“She has a dog and you have a dog.  A unit may only have one dog.”
“That is not  a problem.”,
I replied. “We gave her dog to Mrs. X but we take care of it for her.”

The next week posted in the elevators were notices instructing all pet owners to bring the shot records of their pets to the office and to register them.  We gave the records to Mrs. X and had her register Lancer and we continued to take care of him for her.

Kiko napping

Kiko napping

lancer napping

lancer napping

Now the two of them have been together approaching nine years.  Kiko is the Alpha dog and sometimes bosses Lancer around.  Lancer takes it in stride.

Lancer on the window sill

Lancer on the window sill

Lancer is a visually oriented fellow.  He likes to sit on the window sill and watch the street.  Or, he sits in the bushes along our back fence and watches whatever goes on there.  Kiko is oblivious to that unless it is the neighbor boy on his skateboard.  She doesn’t like skateboards.

Most importantly, they are good companions and we enjoy having them around.  When ever possible we take them with us.  Here they are in Mexico.

Lancer and Kiko in Mexico

Lancer and Kiko in Mexico


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