Bachelor Weekend Lost or You Can’t Get There from Here


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Bachelor Weekend Lost
You Can’t Get There From Here

Today I’m hanging out at the Beach Club pool.  I just finished playing croquet with a friend.  I did well today.

Beach Club no crowd

Beach Club no crowd

It’s breezy with clouds this afternoon.  Keeps the heat down.

Beach Club pool

Beach Club pool

Not many people here today, partly because it is summer and people get out-of-town if they can and partly because it looks like rain.  But I like it like this.  I’m waiting for Jeanette to show up.

You Can’t Get There From Here

Now that wasn’t supposed to be the case.  Jeanette had tickets to fly to Colorado yesterday to attend a memorial service.  She was looking forward to seeing longtime friends and  a relative that she had not seen in many years.



About two hours before her flight was to leave she received a mechanized call from the airline, Delta, that her flight was delayed and would depart about fifty minutes later than the original itinerary.  PROBLEM!  She had a tight connection in Atlanta and with the delay it was not possible to connect.  At the terminal later she was told all flights up to about midnight were full.  And, there was nothing available out of nearby airports:  Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando.  The agent recommended she fly to Atlanta and go stand-by.  What!  We could just imagine her having to stay overnight in Atlanta.

So her plans were cancelled and Delta refunded her money  and she stayed home.

Bachelor Weekend Lost

And there went my bachelor weekend.  Just me and the dogs.  I had already ordered a couple of movies from NetFlix I knew she would not want to see, crime shootemups, a lot of gratuitous violence.



I had dinner planned: pizza.  And I had tickets to go hear a Jazz group, Oriente, with some friends.

The Jazz worked out.  We all, Jeanette included, went to the Arts Garage in Delray Beach last night.  The group was quite good.  And it was fun.  We brought food and wine and had a nice evening.  My only suggestion to the group would be to break their performance with an intermission.  They jammed for over two hours before a break.   That is a bit much for me.  Otherwise it was great.

So now I am here by the pool.  Jeanette has arrived.  She commented that there were not many people here.  “No doubt they all flew out yesterday on the planes I wanted to take!

More to come

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