Idle Moments — Hurricane Issac


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Idle Moments

This is a quiet day.  We are in the outer reaches of tropical storm Issac.  We are receiving intermittent bursts of rain, some light, some heavy and some wind.  The wind is not much now but we expect it to become stronger as we move through the day.  So we are pretty much confined inside today.  Here you can see some blustery rain.

Here Comes The Rain

Here Comes The Rain

When we built the house we had impact glass installed throughout.  When we have a storm we can watch it.  If we had shutters the house would be dark and claustrophobic.  As it is, this is actually rather interesting.

Because we live near the Intercostal Waterway we are in a high risk area with respect to hurricanes.  I recently changed our hurricane insurance.  I was amazed at  how the premium was calculated.  The invoice started off with a charge of $14,000 and then a $9500 discount for the impact glass brought it down to the ultimate premium.  It still seems like a lot to me, but thank goodness for the impact glass.

A good deal of rain is predicted from Issac.  As a precaution, yesterday I lowered the pool level about four inches



and brought the loose odds and ends from the patio inside.

Patio things brought inside

Patio things brought inside

I took down the wall planters and brought in our Mexican Angels which normally hang from the ceiling fans.  We don’t expect high winds but it is best to be safe.  We don’t need a bunch of flying missiles in the back yard.  If we expected to get hit by the storm or if it were category one or higher I would have brought in all the yard furniture and taken the van to a safe place.  The garage is too full to accommodate both cars.

Earlier in a rain free moment I took the dogs out for their walk.  That is always an issue when we have a storm.  Kiko does not like to get wet, so when it rains she just holds it until she nearly bursts.  She will not go out in the rain.  So we went for our walk when the rain had stopped, but the other dog Lancer, a male dog, has to visit every vertical thing he comes across, tree, bush, lamp-post, street sign, fire hydrant, wall and so forth.  He takes forever.  This morning we went out in a rain free moment but Lancer took so long that we were caught in the rain on our way back.  Drenched.  Kiko was not happy.

So that is our state of affairs today.

The day after

Issac has pretty much gone from our area.  We had 3-4 inches of rain and wind gusts up to 41 miles per hour.  That is not much different than a summer squall.

This morning I picked up broken limbs that were in our yard.  Fortunately we had the trees trimmed last week.  And I spent some time pulling vegetation out of the pool and vacuuming it.  Not a big deal.  Next we will have to put everything we took down back.  Bummer!

As I was working on the pool there were still some pretty strong gusts of wind.  And, you know what?  I saw a butterfly.  Amazing!

More to come

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  1. Carla Rueck says:

    love your musings and your art.
    Carla P. Rueck

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