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Are we crazy?  The National Rifle Association today presented its solution for the gun problem in America.  We need to put armed security personnel in all of our schools, they say.  That is the solution, they say!  Other people are saying we need to arm our teachers.  That’s the solution.

This thinking is a cancer on our society.

The problem is not gun violence in the schools.  It is gun violence!  Are we going to put armed people in every nursing home after some crazy goes into one and commits mass murder?  Are we going to put armed security guards in every theater?  In every church, mosque or synagogue?  Where does that stop?

The solution is to remove from society  weapons capable of mass carnage.  We need to outlaw automatic weapons and weapons which carry large capacity magazines.  I don’t mean we need to  ban the future sale of such weapons.  I mean we need to outlaw and remove them now.  Have the government buy them back and remove them from the scene.  Certainly there will be people who will try to keep their weapons.  There have always been criminals in society.  These people are no different.  We need to make possession of such weapons a crime, subject to fines,  jail time  and weapons confiscation.  Removing the weapons from society will take time but it can be done.

As I wrote before, I am not speaking of hunting rifles (bolt action non-automatic).  I am not speaking of shot-guns which hold fewer than seven rounds.  I am not speaking of pistols which hold six or fewer rounds.  These are adequate for recreation needs, hunting needs and self protection.  The right to bear arms does not give us the right to bear any and every kind of weapon.

The National Rifle Association position stated today was an insult  to the intelligence of our people.  It should be treated with the same lack of respect it evidenced.  It is time to reform our gun laws.

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