Catching Up


Today we are going to Muse about a croquet and the week that was.   If this is your first visit, welcome to Musings. If you have been here before, welcome back. Over time we are going to talk about many things: the past, the present, perhaps the future, travel, art, society and more. Wherever my musing takes me. I hope you will come along with me.

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Catching Up

This week flew past.  I’m just now trying to catch up.

I told you last week about our dinner party.  We had invited four couples over which, including us, made a party of ten.  One of the couples did not show up.  Apparently they forgot.

The next night there they were at our front door, bearing gifts.  They had indeed forgotten.  It came to them as they were at the movie theater.  They came over to apologize.  All is well that turns out well.  We had left overs from the night before so we had them to dinner after all.

The rest of the week was dominated by croquet and surgery.

dh getting ready to demonstrate

dh getting ready to demonstrate

Danny Huneycutt was back in town for a croquet tournament.  He is the top ranked American player.  On Monday and Tuesday he conducted a series of clinics on various aspects of the game.  Danny taught such things as opening strategies, line rushes, when to attack and three and four ball breaks.  I took three clinics Monday and one clinic the following day, a pretty full load.

On Tuesday Jeanette had cataract surgery.  She had done her other eye a year and a half ago.  This one caused her more inconvenience.  The doctor assures her she is doing fine.  She has just had to take it a bit easy.  And she has not been able to exercise like she enjoys doing.  She has been getting bored.

Back to croquet

Thursday and Friday I took some time to practice some of the shots and strategies taught in Huneycutt’s clinics.  I was concerned because on Saturday and Sunday I was to play in an American Rules 6 Wicket Singles Tournament at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach.

National Croquet Center

National Croquet Center

Clinics can throw you off your stride if you do not practice.  They teach a different way of making shots, which can cause confusion.  So I practiced.

Getting ready for the clinic

practice balls

Singles 6 Wicket Tournament

The tournament was great fun.  There were three flights. I was in the third flight which had two groups of five players, so ten all together.  Each person played the other four members of the group.  Then came the playoffs.  There were two determining matches. The person who came in first in his or her group  played the person who came in second in  the other group.  The winners of each of those matches then played each other to determine who was First and Second in the flight.

Well, wouldn’t you know, we had a cold front move in on us.  Both days were chilly, windy and for the most part overcast.  I played two games Saturday, winning both.  Normally I wear a hat with a brim, but because of the wind during this tournament I wore only a cap with a visor . . . no brim.

Sunday I had two games to play, one at 8:00 AM and the other at 9:30 AM.  It was cold and windy.  I won the first game and lost the second.  But that put me into the playoffs; I was number two in my group.  In the first game of the playoffs, my opponent was the person who was number one in her group.  I won the match which put me into the last game, playing against the fellow to whom I had lost in the morning.  He had won all of his matches up to that point.

The game was a good game and, for most of the time, a close game.  In the end, however,  I pulled ahead winning the match and the flight.  Huzzah!

However, there were unanticipated consequences.  In all, I played six matches in the wind and cold while wearing a brimless hat.  It was overcast for much of the time and I did not think to put on sunblock.  Today my face is a chaffed red and my ears are tender to the touch.  Lesson learned!

More to come

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