Weather Madness


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Weather Madness

The nature news these last months has been relentless and astounding.  Last October we had  hurricane Sandy.  We thought it could not be worse.  Then last month there was a week of devastating tornadoes through the country’s mid section, floods in Texas and fire in California. Here in Florida our concerns have been minor compared to other parts of the country.  Now that hurricane season has officially started for the year we will have to be on our guard.


What we have had has been rain.  Lots of it. In May Palm Beach International Airport received 15.7 inches of rain, the second-wettest May on record for West Palm Beach since 1890, according to the National Weather Service.   Then today the paper reports we have received over seven inches in the first eight days of June in parts of the county.

palm beach post article about rainfall

Rain topped seven inches in areas

That is a lot of rain.  And that means the out-of-doors lifestyle has been put on hold for a lot of people. The golf courses have been hurting because of cancelled play.  Last week Jeanette was to play in a tournament with a hundred entrants but it was rained out.  I’m certain the golf course was not happy with that.  But that has been going on for more than a month. Tennis has been shut down.

At the Beach Club the tennis courts and the croquet lawns are side by side.  There is a friendly rivalry between the players.  The tennis players think croquet is too slow for them but they are jealous when the rain comes.  You cannot play tennis in the rain.  It is too fast, you see, and you might slip if it is wet.  You can play croquet in the rain and we do . . . within limits.

Last Friday we were playing when it began to rain.  The tennis enthusiasts quit and left.  We continued our game to the end.  By that time, the rain was heavy and we sat out for a time thinking we might get in a second game.  Eventually the lawns were lakes of standing water.  You can’t play in that. So you must know that people have been house bound and grousing about the lack of sun.

Wet. Wet.  Rainy day.  Please, please go away.

Well yesterday the sun came out and it was beautiful.  We spent the day by the pool.  I thought I would share it with you.

swimmer preparing to dive into pool

About to Dive In

Beach Club Pool

Beach Club Pool

Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar

Kiddy Pool and Band

Kiddy Pool and Band

In the Surf

In the Surf

Rain. Rain. Go away. More to come

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3 Responses to Weather Madness

  1. Tough for the dogs, too! And, the dog walkers. Was that Willie at the tiki bar?

  2. good to hear from you…xoxo

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