How the Die is Cast


Today we are going to Muse about Sculpture. If this is your first visit, welcome to Musings. If you have been here before, welcome back. Over time we are going to talk about many things: the past, the present, perhaps the future, travel, art, society and more. Wherever my musing takes me. I hope you will come along with me.

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How the Die is Cast

As you know, I am an artist, working mostly in two dimensions as a painter or print maker.  Here is my most recent work.  You are among the first to see it, as it is still on the easel.

A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach

I do work occasionally in three dimensions.  This is a stone sculpture of mine.



These are bronze sculptures.


Standing Girl

Bucking Bronco

Bucking Bronco

The stone work I can do alone but for works in bronze I need the services of a foundry.  I create the original work and then the foundry creates a mold of the piece and a duplicate image in wax that is encased in a fire-proof plaster like material.  There are openings in the casing into which molten bronze is poured, melting out the wax and replacing it with metal.  Believe me, you need special facilities to do that.

I use the Robert St. Croix Sculpture Studio and Foundry, located here in West Palm Beach, Florida.  If you have ever wanted to see a foundry you should give them a visit.  It is quite interesting.

If you find yourself travelling out west there is another very interesting foundry in Tesuque, about five miles outside of Santa Fé, called the Shidoni foundry.  On Saturdays the public can watch the works being cast.  I think they charge $2.

What makes the Shidoni foundry so interesting is its showroom.  It is in fact not a showroom, but an acreage filled with sculptures for sale.  I believe the property totals 8 acres.

Here are some examples of what you will see.









Every time I am out that way I visit Shidoni.  It is well worth it.

more to come

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Books by Thomas L. Tribby Available Click on title below to preview

Works on Paper

On The Waterfront

Impressions of Florida


Original Paintings Available

Three Graces
Oil on Canvas

Click to see

   Beach Time Oil on Canvas      48" x 36"
Beach Time
Oil on Canvas
48″ x 36″

Click to see

Beach Parade Oil on Canvas    30" x 48"
Beach Parade
Oil on Canvas
30″ x 48″

Click to see

Lifeguard on Duty     Oil on Canvas          36" x 48"
Lifeguard on Duty
Oil on Canvas
36″ x 48″

Click to See

For information about these or other original works of art, please feel free to contact us: 


About Thomas L. Tribby

Professional artist: painter, sculptor, print maker. Maintains a studio in West Palm Beach, Florida
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