A Week of Chaos


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A Week of Chaos

You may have noticed that I did not write a Musing last week.  That is the first time in nearly three years.  Just too much happening, much of it revolving around Teddy our new puppy. The house has been converted into a kennel.

Teddy in his pen

Teddy in his pen

We have three pens like this to help us maintain control: one in the yard outside our bedroom where we put him first thing in the morning so he can do his thing; one in the TV room and one in my studio where he takes his nap. He and Kiko our 13-year-old Shiba Inu seem to get along.  She mainly ignores him unless he is trying to eat her food.  He has been rebuked a couple of times.  But he is a happy little guy and very curious about his new world.

If you want to see him in action click on this photo.  It will take you to a badly done little movie.



We have been juggling our schedules to assure that he is not left home alone very much.  But it has been busy.

Sunday we were invited to an afternoon party.

Monday we had dinner with friends at their home.

Tuesday I played Golf Croquet in an Interclub match with the Mariner Sands  Club.  They came down from Martin County and played at the National Croquet Center.  We will play at their club in December.

Thursday Jeanette wanted to play golf and I was to be in a tournament.  We both needed to leave the house by 8;30 AM.  But, Thursday is the day our cleaning woman comes and she comes at 8:30 AM, unless she is held up in traffic.  Hmmm!  What to do?  After discussion Jeanette agreed to wait for her and I went off to the tournament.

8:30 came and went, then 8:45, then 9:00.  No cleaning lady!  Jeanette’s golf game was becoming history.  She called our worker but got a message to the effect that the number was not working.   She didn’t know how to contact her.  We like her a lot and did not want to learn something had happened. Jeanette called a friend who knows our cleaning woman.  She did not know  anything that would help.

Just then our cleaning woman showed up, all flustered and apologetic.  Her two-year old daughter had flushed her phone down the toilet and she had had no way to call.  No golf Thursday!

I, however,  played in the Chuck Steuber Open Golf Croquet Second Flight Tournament.  We played 4 games, two doubles and two singles, Sharon Kenrick came out the winner. Two of us were tied one point behind her, Rosemary Faulconer and me.  Rosemary won 2nd place after edging me out in a shoot out at the stake.  So I came in third.  Here you see our smiling group.

Steuber Golf Winners Rosemary Falconer, Sharon Kendrick, Tom Tribby

Steuber Golf Winners Rosemary Falconer, Sharon Kendrick, Tom Tribby

Later that evening we had dinner with friends at the Beach Club.

Friday I helped run a set of Supersize Croquet games at the National Croquet Club.  I am chair of the Membership Committee and one of our goals is to have more organized activities for the members.  The more involved people become with the club the more likely they will stay with the club.

Supersize Croquet is played on a rough terrain course using number five soccer balls and large wickets.  It is a variation of Golf Croquet.  I had  never played it and I had a great time.

Here you see some of the activity.

Bob explaining the game

Bob explaining the game

The court is uneven and has hazards

The court is uneven and has hazards

Playing the Game

Playing the Game


Approaching the Wicket

Saturday and Sunday we were at the Beach Club for more croquet. This flurry of activity will be slowing down soon.  People are already heading north.   Soon the restaurants will not be crowded and they will be offering summer specials.  The traffic will be reduced.  The stores will be largely empty.   Easter marks the end of “season” down here.

But right now it is busy.

more to come

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