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Saturday we went to the movie and saw Noah.  What can I say?  This was not the story I remember from Sunday school.  This story is filled with armies of soldiers in armor, with steel weapons, even a primitive firearm.  There are large stone creatures, fallen angels, who war against men.  These creatures befriend  Noah and help him build the ark and later help him defend the ark when the rain begins.

Much of the story revolves around procuring wives for Noah’s sons.  Two survive the flood with no wife, which begs an obvious question for future humanity.

Further, Noah is obsessed, wishing that humanity die out with his family.  He believes God wishes him to save the creatures of the world but also wishes that he and his sons live out their lives with no further offspring.  He believes God wishes humanity to disappear from the earth.

So what can I say?  It has been a long time since I read Genesis 6-10, but this was not what I recalled.  To double-check I read Genesis again today.  The scripture refers to Noah’s sons and their wives.  It does not mention fallen angels nor hordes of marauding armies.  And, it talks about God sparing Noah and his family and telling them to go forth and multiply.

So . . . I don’t know what I think about the movie.  It was entertaining, a blockbuster spectacle.  It was also thought-provoking.  It just was not the story of Noah and the Ark.

more to come

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