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Walk with Me

In 1990 I moved from California, specifically San Francisco, to West Palm Beach, Florida.  The two communities are quite different.  They have grown and changed over  these years, but back then the principal differences I first noticed were climate, city issues verses small town issues, and formality verses casual familiarity.

San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco was cold much of the time.  It was a small city but bustling with energy and crowds of people and it was a city of suits, business people everywhere.  I lived on Post Street two blocks from Union Square.  If you know San Francisco you know that is in the heart of the downtown close to the Financial District and China town.

china town

china town

Frequently I would walk to my office or use public transportation.  We had two cars.  One was parked the day we arrived in the city and never moved until we left for Florida.  With the walking I was in the best shape I had been for years.



west palm beach

west palm beach

West Palm Beach in contrast was not cold.  It was warm and humid.  The first day I went to my new job, when I arrived at the building the glass entrance, two storys high, was sheeted in water, running down the walls, caused by humidity condensing under the air conditioning.  The town was laid back with little traffic and very few people walking along the streets.  There was poor public transportation and cars were the rule.  Not much walking.

So, what got me on this topic?  Last month there was a pedestrian killed while trying to cross a busy street in the middle of the block.  It made the news.  It was noted that the cross-walks were widely separated and people often would jay-walk and not walk the distance to the cross-walk.

I started checking the cross-walks to see how far apart they tend to be.  The major arteries of traffic run north and south through this area.  Every mile or so there is a major east-west road but in the older section of town the other east-west roads are generally residential.  In the area many of the corners have clearly marked pedestrian cross-walks  running north-south.  However, if you wish to cross one of the busy streets going across to the east or the west you are out of luck.  Think Flagler Drive, Olive Avenue, Dixie Highway, Parker Avenue.  You can travel miles before you come to a cross-walk.  It will generally be near a school.

no cross walks

no cross walks

no cross walks

no cross walks

No wonder people jay-walk.  They have no other option.  This should be changed.

more to come

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