Dumb TV!


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Dumb TV!

We have advanced in the age of technology!  We bought a Smart TV!

Smart TV

Smart TV

Jeanette asked me what I would like for my birthday, now just passed.  I suggested a new television.

Old TV

Old TV

Our set was about 15 years old and, though it worked, it was a behemoth and the picture was not nearly as sharp as the sets today.  So . . . we took a tour through Costco, Best Buy and BrandsMart.

There is a lot of choice out there!  But we honed in on sets with a 45″ screen.  We have a piece of furniture we use that cannot accommodate a larger screen.  I’ll talk about that later. We were fine with the size.  There are just the two of us and we don’t need a theater.  The sets we saw ran in the $300-$500 range.

After several days we decided to go ahead and get a set.  As we neared the TV section of the store, a salesman, Owen,  attached himself to us and started a dialog.  He was actually pretty good except he talked loud and fast.  Jeanette several times stepped away because he was giving her a head ache.

As our experience unfolded we came to know we had a dumb TV.  It would only do TV kinds of things, like show a program.  Furthermore, the sets we were considering were dumb!  Nicer looking, less heavy, but dumb!

The new TVs are Smart.  They are wireless; they can surf the web; they have Skype so you can use them as a phone; they have Netflix so movies are unlimited; you can actually watch TV programs on them; and much more.

Our guy, Owen, convinced us Smart was smart.

We inquired about a set that was about $600.  Well, that was not smart.  It had the old style processor which was slow and  with the LED technology  produced choppy pictures when there was fast action.  Owen showed us the smartest Smart choice.  It was three times as fast as the machine we were asking about.  And, it was on sale:  $1700.

“Owen”, I said, “That is a little too fast for us. “

So we came to the second best smart choice; twice as fast as the machine we were asking about and two-thirds as fast as the smartest. . . $730.

“Well, OK Owen”, I said, “but I have a question.  Can the set pull up a weak wireless signal?  Our wireless modem is on the opposite side of the house from the TV room and I know my I-Pad doesn’t get wireless in that room.”

Owen got a guy from the computer area to come over and talk with me.  It was decided I needed a WI-FI Range extender.  $70.

I asked Owen what was involved with connecting the TV with AT&T U-verse, the service we use.  Easy.  Just plug the TV into the U-verse box with HDMI cable, not included:  $50.

You have the picture.  Nevertheless, we went ahead and bought our Smart TV.

The next issue of course was to set it up.  After fumbling around I got the WI-FI
Range extender operating.  That is a good thing.  I can now use the I-Pad in that room.



Setting up the TV was more of an issue.  The set is housed in this mammoth unit.  Jeanette and I agree that we should never have purchased this thing.  That was dumb.  Where do you suppose the electric outlets are on the wall?  Why, yes, they are right behind the wall unit.

After unloading the stuff on the shelves, it took all my strength to pull the piece away from the wall so I could reach the electric outlet.

I  had some friends who are more familiar with electronics come over to help me set it up.  It probably was not necessary but I felt better.  The last thing was to call AT & T and have the technician program the U-verse remote to work with the unit.  We were up and running.

New TV

New TV

After all was done, with the extended warranty, of course, and  the sales tax, the $300-$500 TV came in at about $1,100.

That smarts!

More to come

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1 Response to Dumb TV!

  1. GaryMunger says:

    Tom & Jeanette: I just bought a new computer. Unending nonsense in which we struggled every day with getting some work done and setting up the various apps (half we do not intend to understand and the other half we’ll never use) that we can not live without, clearing virus after virus rather than working.

    The reason for this response is remembering getting my first computer. Judy set me up with a “friend”, you took me to the tech’s building. He took my order put in all the pirated soft ware it would need and turned it loose with me. Much like a parent with a new baby and no experience it came to the office and we learned to live with it. It lasted for years doing the simple jobs I needed it to do. The last computer lasted 4 years, was 10 times that first computer, became obsolete and despite functioning just fine for the very same purposes the first one was used for, a 10 times more complex computer had to come through the door. You ride a bike, drive a car, climb a ladder, learn to fish, and vast numbers of other things and you do not need to learn them all over again every 4 years.

    I am fully aware that it is an age thing along with my stubborn nature (remember you pushing me to get a FAX machine) and me saying “make sure you FAX along the time it will take me to substitute for the other things I am doing”. I still use the FAX which I am told “no one uses any more”. I am slowly learning to scan and paste to emails but I still use files and have to copy them and put them away which to me is just as simple as aFAX document and it has the senders mark.

    Enough bitching and remember but you have been such a part of so many aspects of my life that it blends in with remembrance in the best and not so best aspects. Be well my friends until we see each other. Gary & Radi Sent from my iPad

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