Say What?


Today we are going to Muse about what you hear.   If this is your first visit, welcome to Musings. If you have been here before, welcome back. Over time we are going to talk about many things: the past, the present, perhaps the future, travel, art, society and more. Wherever my musing takes me. I hope you will come along with me.

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Hear, Hear!

It’s what you hear that counts.  It connects you to the world.  And, often it is a tongue twister.

Remember the song that went “Dozzeedotes and marezeedotes and little lambzzeedivey a kiddleeivytoowouldn’tu”?  These words sound queer and funny to your ear . . . a little bit jumbled and jivey.  But we live with that daily.

So , I was sitting in front of the television reading and Jeanette says to me out of the blue, “Oh, Mars Charreef died.”

What?  Say What?  Who in the world was Mars Charreef?  I could not think of anyone.  Where did that come from?  And, why would I care?  A mystery to me!

“Who in the hell is Mars Charreef?“,  Asked I.

She said, “Its written right here.” and she showed me the article in the paper:  Omar Sharif Died.

Say what?

more to come

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