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Florida 9-Wicket Regional

Doubles and Singles Tournament

Today I am feeling the aches that come along with extended activity.  I was three hours on my feet Friday, five hours Saturday and two hours Sunday competing in First Flight of the Florida 9-Wicket Regional Doubles and Singles Tournament.  The singles tournament is still underway.

As you may know, I have talked about the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach in the past.  It is a great facility.

national croquet center

National Croquet Center

The lawns are well-groomed and maintained.  As you can see they approach the surface of a putting green.

ncc lawns

NCC lawns

It’s on these lawns that most of our games are played:  Association Rules Croquet, American 6-Wicket Rules Croquet and Golf Croquet.  All very civilized!

The Back Nine

But, there is an area to which most people never go . . . out back.  It is here that 9 Wicket Croquet is played.

9 wicket croquet

9 wicket croquet

Oh Skin-nay! The Days of Real Sport by Briggs verses by Wilbur D. Nesbit c. 1913

Oh Skin-nay! The Days of Real Sport by Briggs verses by Wilbur D. Nesbit c. 1913



This is the back yard game most remember from their childhood, the game in which you put your foot on the ball and smash the opponent’s ball away as far as you can.

And the court is not well-groomed.  It has bare spots and weeds.  Several courts had hills or sloping banks.

9 wicket field

9 wicket field

Pretty nice, right?!

Here are players in Championship Flight.  Notice the sloping field behind them.

marking a ball in

John Warlick marking a ball in

Mike Gibbons

Mike Gibbons

The playing field is laid out differently than the 6-wicket game to which I am accustomed.



9 wicket layout

9 wicket layout

The wickets are closer together and there are more of them.  The game also allows options not available in 6 Wicket American Rules.  The most obvious difference occurs when you strike another ball with your ball.  At that time you may move your ball to the ball just struck, or within 9 inches of the ball just struck or you can play your next shot from where your ball came to rest.  In the 6 wicket game you must move your ball to a point touching the ball just struck.  If you don’t play croquet this may not be a clear difference.  But believe me it allows many more options.  And it is fun.

Before the tournament my partner, Linda Grady and I had only been introduced to the game.  We had played once together and once separately.

During the match we had our ups and downs.  We won matches and lost matches.  But in the end we won our Flight.  Here we are holding our trophy.



It reads:


Florida 9-Wicket Regional

First Fight Doubles


The singles matches are still underway.  Wish us luck.

More to come

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