Athletic Prowess


Today we are going to Muse about things physical.  If this is your first visit, welcome to Musings. If you have been here before, welcome back. Over time we are going to talk about many things: the past, the present, perhaps the future, travel, art, society and more. Wherever my musing takes me. I hope you will come along with me.

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Athletic Prowess

Well the Super Bowl has come and gone.  Everyone I hear talking about it thinks it is the best game they have seen.  It got me thinking about sports and my tortured relationship therewith.  I have never had much interest in anything that made me sweat.  Early on my avoidance nearly backfired on me.

When I went of to university I was dismayed to know that freshmen were required to take a year of Physical Education (PE).  I never liked PE and thought after high school it would be a thing of the past.  But NOOOO, not so.  We were required to take a year of it.

So, I signed up for Weight Lifting 101.  At least it would be indoors and out of the snow and rain.

Boy was I outclassed.  There were these behemoths squatting under two and three hundred pounds of weight.  I was having a hard time dealing with the twenty pound dumbbells.  Crumb, I had to go to this torture three times a week.  Not my idea of what the University Experience was meant to be.

Fortunately in the second or third week one of the PE coaches came in the weight room and made us a great offer.  It went something like, “Hey listen up guys.  The PE department runs the intramural sports program.  Right now it is baseball.  We need some guys to schedule the games, keep the records and oversee the program.  Anyone who volunteers will get a “A” in PE and won’t have to attend class.  Any of you guys interested?”

Two of us flew to the front with a big “YEEEES“.

That quarter I got an “A” in Weight Lifting.



Second quarter I mastered Tennis.  Got an “A” in it.



I thought  this is great.  Third quarter I decided to be adventurous and signed up for Modern Dance.  I imagined how great that would look on my transcript.

Modern Dance

Modern Dance

Unfortunately, that was a no go.  Modern Dance was in the Women’s PE Department and our little arrangement had to be kept to ourselves.  So I got an “A” in field and Track.



And I was through with PE and didn’t give it another thought for four years.

Four years?  Yes, four years.  I was in my first job after graduation.  I was the Art teacher at West High in Bakersfield, California.  One afternoon after classes the Assistant Principal came into my classroom  obviously excited.  “Tribby, I just saw your transcript.  You have straight A’s in PE.  That is great.  We need a football coach here!”

More to come

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