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computer frustration

computer frustration


Technology . . . remember when it did not rule your life?  When you were in control . . . sort of.  I am having a melt down.

This week has been busy.  We had two events competing for our time.  We had house guests (grandchildren) and we played in a three-day member-guest croquet tournament. So, with the week being busy, I put off my “computer stuff” until it settled down at the end of the week.

Lots to do then.

Friday I booted up the MAC, which took a long time for some reason.  When it finally opened up, the mouse would not work.  Huh?  The mouse would not work!

Exasperated, I called Apple-Care.  I got to listen to several iterations of irritating music and the recording “All of our technicians are busy helping others.  Please stay on the line for the next available assistant“.  When the technician came on the line he attempted several procedures but finally concluded that he was unable to do anything since my mouse would not work.  The solution was to take it to the Apple store and have their technicians fix it.  It is still under warranty.

Oh Man!  Take it to the store!  Bummer!

Well Saturday I packed it up, keyboard, mouse and computer and drove up to the mall where the Apple store is located, about eight miles from my home.  I lugged it into and down the mall.

Where the hell is the Apple Store?  

At the spot where I expected to find the Apple store I found a black wall which had printed on it something like “APPLE  Please excuse the inconvenience while we renovate our store.  If you need assistance contact or an Apple store near-by.”

Near-by?!  I went on the web and found the closest store from the mall was about 20 miles away in Wellington.  Ho hum!  I lugged the computer, keyboard and mouse down the mall and out to the car and off we went to Wellington.

At Wellington I lugged the computer, keyboard and mouse into the mall and to my surprise and delight I saw the Apple store right in front of me.  I had chosen the correct mall entrance.

The store was swarming with people.  If you have been to an Apple store, you will know what I mean.  People everywhere.  Soon I was talking with a gate-keeper.

“What seems to be the problem?”

I explained.

“Do you have an appointment?”
“Well, it will be about forty-five minutes to an hour before a technician can see you.  I will text you when one is available.  Is that alright?”

I said it was and went off to cool my heels.  Jeanette, who was with me, was having fun shopping.  I played solitaire on my phone.

Eventually I got the text informing me that the technician was ready.  We got together and Huck, his name, ran several tests.  The mouse worked great . . . on his computer as did the keyboard.  But the mouse would not work on my computer.

He did more tests and finally concluded the mouse would not work because my computer did not have “Bluetooth”.  The mouse needs Bluetooth.

Where in hell did Bluetooth go?

Where in hell did Bluetooth go?

Well, where in the hell did Bluetooth go?  It must have been there before because the mouse has worked for months.  It is a mystery.  It is technology.

So the Apple store has my computer.  They are ordering some parts.  It should be ready in four or five days.  Not to worry;  it is covered by warranty.

Out of the depths of a closet I have retrieved my old lap-top.  It must be ten or eleven years old.  Windows will not even support its operating system any more.  But it is working. It is on this machine, this wonder of technology, that I am writing to you this tale of frustration.  And, that in itself is a marvel.

Technology . . . it rules our lives.

More to come

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2 Responses to Technology

  1. Joan Furman says:

    Gad Tom, Ron has been dealing with these problems for, hold on to your hat, literally 4 months. Spends an inordinate amount of time talking to the Philippines….think they are all in training cause you might get one thingee fixed which causes something else to not work. You really wrote it like it is…..what can be done? Who the heck knows. Joan


  2. Mary Shieldsq says:


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